God’s Faithfulness

God sure is good to His children. He allows what is best for us even when some would look at what we go through and think that a loving God wouldn’t allow those things to happen.  He is faithful!

If we pay attention we see that God is constantly reassuring us, that He is ours, and we are His. Is this not His pattern as he dealt with the Children of Israel?  Good times and bad, blessings or discipline, it was always to the end that they would know, and that the world would know, Him and His dealings with His own.

Difficult and challenging days enter everyone’s life, but for the Christian, we are never left alone. Difficult days come to churches, but still we know that where two, or three, or more are gathered together, He is there!  How faithful is God to His Word, His purpose, and to His people – all at the same time!

Many people have been sick lately, and though, yesterday, our attendance at church showed it, still there were souls saved and baptized!  I am honored to serve such a faithful God. I am humbled to serve such wonderful people. I’m blessed to think that God uses me and my family in the way He does, faults and all.

Wherever you are serving today, may you recognize what God is doing in you and with you, right where you are!  “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Looking forward to taking team photos today, hope to have some posted soon. Thank you to all who continue to uphold our team in prayer.


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