New Update from Team Indo-Philippine

The March 2012 edition of the Team Indo-Philippine update highlights our Married Couples' Banquet as well as our 100th baptism of the year.

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The Lord surely has been good to us!  The pressure never lets up in the ministry, but neither do the blessings.  The past month has been an increasingly exciting time as we watch numerous of our church members, especially young converts, growing and maturing spiritually.  Souls continue to be saved, and every Sunday new believers are being baptized; we had 10 baptized this past Sunday.

This month’s update focuses primarily on our Married Couples’ Banquet and one of our recent converts who played a very important part.  We had a wonderful time investing in the marriages of International Baptist Church at Dumaguete.

Please continue to watch our website, as we are getting ready to make a very BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in the days ahead.  God is working in Dumaguete, and He’s about to do greater works through us soon!  Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

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