New Update From the Philippine Front!

Vol. 02 - Iss. 06 02-06-11

This Sunday was a special Sunday.  The entire evening service was about the Lord’s Supper.  I taught our folks the real purpose and meaning of the Lord’s Supper and at the end of the service we partook of it together.  There are too many stories to share, but you’ll have to read about what we can tell in this week’s update.  Thank you for your continued prayer and support of the team.  Greater days are ahead as God continues to build His church.

What a blessing to be serving Jesus!  Our church just had its fourth Sunday of services and we couldn’t be more thrilled about what God has shown us in such a short period of time.  Already we’re seeing lives beginning to change as believers, both young and old, are growing.  As a pastor, I love looking out and seeing interested faces of those hungry to hear the teaching.

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